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If you:
  • Got a beef with me.
  • Don't like me.
  • Don't like Real Madrid.
Well then you sir, have a problem, and I suggest you go to a psychiatrist.

And if you: 
  • Have any suggestions for a post.
  • Want some photos taken down due to copyright issues or what not.
  • Like my work.
  • Want to contribute guest posts for the blog.
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  1. Cool blog! If you could share this link to the Golden Foot 2011 on your blog so that more fans could vote for either Raul, Casillas or Beckham (the 3 Real Madrid representatives on there), that'd be awesome!

  2. Hola :

    Me llamo Jimena San Martín soy administradora de un sitio web. Tengo que decir que me ha gustado su página y le felicito por hacer un buen trabajo. Por ello me encantaria contar con tu sitio en mi web, consiguiendo que mis visitantes entren tambien en su web.

    Si estas de acuerdo hazmelo saber enviando un mail a
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