Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is Marca Correct? Alvaro Morata To Start Against Osasuna?

Alvaro Morata
The recent news in Marca claims that the 17 year old striker we all know and love—Alvaro Morata will make his debut against Osasuna, and not by coming off the bench, but by actually starting the game.

News of Alvaro Morata making the bench against Osasuna wouldn't have been a surprise because he has been a regular in the training sessions with the first team and also the fact that Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo are injured, leaving Jose Mouriho with only striker for the Osasuna game.

Call me a skeptic but I do not believe Marca, I do not believe that Moratito will actually START against Osasuna despite all the bull-crap that Marca has to say about Jose Mourinho in favor of playing two strikers at home (Santiago Bernabeu).

Marca really really really really really don't like Manuel Pellegrini and they haven't even tried to hide that fact over the duration of the last season and even now when he's gone.

They have stated how Jose Mourinho is much more awesome than Manuel Pellegrini and how Jose "thinks" more about La Fabrica than Manuel ever did, by stating that Juanfran, Mosquera and Marcos Alonso only got a few minutes and that too by the 28 gameweek and how Jose Mourinho will start a 17 year old canterano in just his second game of La Liga. (link)

If you look at the transfers made this summer you'd know that Jose Mourinho has done more harm than good to the canterano's chances in the first team. The difference in treatment give by Marca to the two managers is evident, and this supposed news is just a way to make Jose Mourinho look better.

Now I'm not saying that Pellegrini was amazing in giving chances to the canteranos, but Jose Mourinho is no better, because it's just circumstances that are forcing him into using the academy, you've read it all summer, if he'd had it his way, he would have signed a third striker instead of looking at the academy.

Please don't state Mateos's rise to the first team as a sign of Jose being better for the academy because Mateos's inclusion in the squad is also circumstantial, if THREE central defenders hadn't got injured do you think Mateos would have got a professional contract?

Because of what has happened so far under Jose Mourinho, I can only see as far as a 4-5-1, with Gonzalo Higuain the lone man upfront, Angel Di Maria and Pedro Leon on the wings, Sergio Canales or Mesut Ozil as the attacking midfielder and Xabi Alonso & Sami Khedira the anchor-men in midfield, and no room for Morata.

But with that being said, circumstantial or not I am really happy that Alvaro Morata has got his chance to impress, and I hope that he makes a lot out of this circumstance, even if it's an appearance from the bench.

I know I'm not wrong but still I would love to be proven wrong by Jose Mourinho for the sake of Alvaro Morata! Hala Madrid!


  1. Who knows, Morata is a big kid, the kind of striker we could really use and it would benefit Jose to get him Liga experience early on against a team like Osasuna to create more options as the season progresses, especially given Benz's recent form. Don't forget the Mourinho attends just about every Cantera practice he can and is very involved with their training as well and this is not information coming from MARCA but from real's official website. Hala Morata!

  2. Pellegrini did clearly said the cantera is not my job...mourinho says the right things...now lets see if he does the right things,,,we all liked pellegrini to have stayed at least one more season to solidify his work but the reality was he did not do a good job with the youth players,,rodrigo and marcos alonso our two best promises last year only got 3 mns which went M.A. rodrigo none...not enough mns went to the canteranos, we were runnin away with enough games to have given more mns to M.A. or mosquera in the pre season only used 3 canteranos to 8 by jose...and dont say the pressure of winnin cuz mourinho is under that same pressure and right now after mallorca's result the pressure is greater to get a win and under that to give a debut to morata(not yet confirmed/done) is enough proof for me i dunno about u... anyways i'll drift here juanfran which i voted for in the poll u put here because of readiness ( sarabia, morata might have more potential) now if juanfran get mns then the signings did not harm the cantera because we bought two wingers to add to cristiano(mou likes him on the wings)

  3. Eeeyyyaaaahhh I love Alvaro Morata so much but he didnt even make it :'( I don't think he'll ever make it to first team now. I've been looking in the news for some stuff abt him but I feel like he's disappeared... I can't find anything abt him :'( By signing all these really young players I think Mou really has hurt their chances in the long run.

  4. I actually did a post on the signings hurting young players's chances, I guess it's heading included Dani Parejo.



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