Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Official: Samuel Alonso Saiz Joins Sevilla Atletico On Loan

Samuel Alonso Saiz, better known as Samu, one of the striker who I backed to be the third striker for the Real Madrid first team has joined Sevilla Atletico (the B team of Sevilla) on a year long loan, the Andalusian outfit will have an option to purchase Samu after the season.

Ever since Samu started playing football, Samu has played for Real Madrid, out of the 19 years of his life Samu has spent 11 of those years with Real Madrid.

Samu holds the record for the most number of goals in the Benjamin category—117 goals. Samu is the leading scorer of all time in the Real Madrid youth teams (Alevin y Benjamin).

Like the better players in the academy, Samu did not spend any time in Real Madrid C and made the jump from the Juvenil A into the Real Madrid Castilla. Samu could only manage to start a few games for the Castilla last season but he managed to score 5 goals and string up a few assists.

Samu has reportedly moved away in pursuit of playing time as he would see his playing time reduced by the jump of Alvaro Morata from Juvenil A and the addition of Joselu who was signed from Celta Vigo last season.

I really don't see that being a strong reason for loaning out Samu, I never trusted Allejandro Menendez much, and he's signing players instead of promoting players to plug the holes in the Castilla, utterly disappointing.

It's a shame to see Samu being sent on loan, it's an even bigger shame that loyalty and class now count for nothing in La Fabrica, this is a sad day, still I end this post with Hala Madrid!

I apologize for my absence, I have been really busy with college and stuff, but to make it up, I'll publish a Castilla post tomorrow.


  1. when i saw the news i came here to let u know about it if u hadnt already cuz i know u like him and i saw u already had a post about him lool anyways i think it happens castillas looks loaded in attack but i have to disagree with you on the loyalty means nothing...Mateos has been here for i think 12 years and now he has made it to the first team

  2. Mateos's professional contract doesn't say much, he wouldn't have got the contract if so many players weren't injured, and you know it, it's not like Mateos will get chances in the first team.

  3. As i remember in two different press conferences mourinho complained about how he liked him and it was a shame he wouldnt be able to use...from there the club gave him the contract and mourinho can now count on him i dont think mourinho just started likin him because garay and albiol were injured, the injuries helped convince him that he would have opportunities because he didnt want to stay in castilla he wanted to try his chances at santander...Will he get chances with the first team i dunno that remains to be seen...Mourinho has so far shown that he is serious about counting on our youth teamers so we'll see

  4. That's the only thing we can do, that is wait, if he really really liked Mateos, he would have use him and play Sergio Ramos on the right again. Mourinho is excellent with words, if he hadn't said so, he knows he wouldn't have Mateos to fall back on in case of more injuries as he would have left, I'll wait for something concrete than words before believing Jose.

  5. This sucks. One disappointment after the other. I'm getting tired of this.



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