Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pablo Sarabia To Sporting Braga In January

The transfer that all the Madridistas were fearing would happen now has a time and date according to the Spanish daily AS. AS on their website claim that the Spanish U-19 International and Real Madrid Castilla player will be transferred to Sporting Braga of Portugal in the January transfer window.

Pablo Sarabia will be sold for €3 million with a 2 year buy-back clause in his contract, Pablo Sarabia recently renewed his contract with Real Madrid at the end of July.

The contract would have been renewed a lot earlier had it not been for Pablo's agent, and I seriously believe that it is again his agent thinking about what's "better" for Pablo. Pablo has time and again expressed his desire to stay at Real Madrid but his agent always has had different things in mind for him.

If this transfer really does happen, it's not just his agent, even Allejandro Menendez has to blamed for it, Allejandro has benched Pablo Sarabia time and time again after performing so well for the Castilla, even in the last game against Coruxo, Pablo Sarabia only got 17 minutes worth of playing time.

And if this transfer does complete, I don't like the chances of Pablo Sarabia playing for Real Madrid again despite the buy-back clause, Mesut Ozil, Sergio Canales, Pedro Leon, Angel Di Maria, Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo are no where close to retirement in the next 2 seasons.

I hope this transfer doesn't happen, but that's a tall order so I'll hope for what's easier, I hope Pablo Sarabia outperforms them all so we can see him playing for the first team soon. Hala Madrid!


  1. Sport will use a kernel of truth and will exaggerate with lies, so according to my policy, I'm not opening that page, sorry.

    But I agree with what you say, I don't think it's fair to blame Florentino completely for it, the blame should be shared by everyone. Although Floren (more so Calderon) is the one who should get majority of the blame here because of his unstabilizing tactics.

    Mourinho seems to be the right person, but as I said, I'll wait for something concrete to really really put my heart into believing that something good will happen for La Fabrica.

  2. We also sold off Alipio to Benfica. Not sure of the details or if it was because he was a flop in the cantera but i was under the impression that he was a very promising player. Pretty tired of hearing of all of our canteranos being sold and people saying that its impossible for them to get first team time because of the size of our club. Barca is just as big of a club if not bigger at the moment and yet they continuously give their youngsters exposure. Granted Barca B is playing in a higher division then RM Castilla, but we won't get to those higher reaches of the second tier by selling off our promising players. I'd rather see Marcos Alonso stick around and slowly weave himself into the left back position than hear about us buying Gareth Bale from Tottenham in January though Bale is an excellent player who I know through a friend who played at Southampton with him. Obviously Sarabia will have a tough time getting playing time with our midfield purchases this summer but while our back and front lines are sparse, why not throw the canteranos in there. Someone is bound to rise to the occasion.



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