Friday, July 30, 2010

Does Maicon's Signing Make Any Sense To You?

Get a room!
The newspapers all around the world have been filled with "Real Madrid's interest in Maicon," "Maicon's dream of joining Real Madrid," and "Jose Mourinho's desire to be reunited with Maicon!"

What I don't understand is, WHY? Why Maicon, when the biggest priority was the left-back position?!

I've rattled my head around the transfer and Maicon and I haven't come close to convince myself that Maicon's signing would be useful to Real Madrid, so I just thought to pour my mind out and ask around for answers.

The only worthwhile explanation for Maicon's signing that I could think of was that Jose Mourinho wants to play Sergio Ramos in the center. Well, Sergio Ramos was originally purchased to replace Hierro in the center of defense. Sergio Ramos would be amazing in the center, he's the perfect combination of speed and strength and is brilliant aerially, he can be the best central defender if he chooses to play in the center.

But if Sergio Ramos plays central, either Pepe or Raul Albiol will lose their place in the starting 11. Most probably it'll be Albiol who'll end up losing his place because Pepe will get preference as he has already worked with Jose Mourinho in Porto.
Benching Raul Albiol would be one of the harshest thing to do, it'll be like benching Gonzalo Higuain! Albiol was one of the most consistent performers for Real Madrid and was constantly improving aerially as the season progressed.

And to be really honest the defense did quite well last season, despite people questioning Real Madrid's policy of buying only offensive players (and simultaneously forgetting that Garay, Albiol and Arbeloa were the new defenders who joined last season.). And changing a system which is already working fine, seems to make very little sense.

If you think that all the above points have weak points and can be countered, I'll present to you a reason which when read with the above reasons makes them even stronger, and that is: "The Price-Tag."

Maicon is 29 years old and has been priced at €30 million by Internazionale, and that is a reason alone to stay away from him, his signing is also directly against Real Madrid's new policy of staying away from players who's clubs demand exorbitant sums of money.

Maicon's a good defender, no doubt, but he can't play left-back, is old (comparatively) and at €30 million he's too expensive. Signing Maicon is a luxury not a necessity. If you think otherwise, let me know!

Hala Madrid!

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  1. Muchas gracias. :)

  2. estoy de acuerdo, his wage demands are also excessive. I would be fine staying with arbeloa for now, but I could understand a left-back signing. I'd prefer to see us buy a target man, though, someone tall and strong like Negredo, who can hold up play and provides an aerial threat. But I really don't think we need anymore high profile signings. Who knows, maybe Castilla players could reinforce the squad.

  3. I totally agree, despite Arbeloa being oh so awesome last season, I won't mind a left-back or a cheap central defender for backup. I've been lawyering about how Negredo should come back, don't think that's gonna happen though, I've lost all hope. Maybe Alvaro Morata will be the back-up striker, he's in LA with the first team!

  4. It makes sense to Mourinho, and that is more than enough.

  5. not quite sure about Mourinho now, Manchester City came for Gago THIS summer, Jose Mourinho said no to them.

  6. Siddharth KanjilalJuly 31, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    You know I am sure Gago does really well in training, because almost every Real Madrid manager since Capello has rated him highly.

  7. Or....or.....or.....Gago's a real kiss ass! Gago shows flashes of brilliance sometimes, but flashes are not good enough.

  8. I would never play Sergio Ramos in the middle. Yes, he was initially bought as a centre-back, but now it is obvious that he is a better right-back.

    It's not only about dropping Albiol to bench actually, it's a waste of talent playing Ramos in the middle. He's different from Arne Friedrich! :)

    But I do think that Ramos could be a good Libero (attack from the middle) though. But I think Jose Mourinho is more likely to have two defensive-minded centre-backs.

  9. I know it'd be a waste to keep someone of the skills of Ramos bound in the center of defense, the rumors are dying, I hope something doesn't go wrong in the management's mind and we end up buying Maicon.

  10. I don't believe Ashley Cole would come cheap or he wants to leave Chelsea, it would have been better to have gone for Filipe Luis (sadly he's now in Atletico Madrid), Nacho Monreal or Sergio Canella would be good left-back options, but I think Mourinho has confidence in Arbeloa and Marcelo and we won't see a left back coming to the team. I'll be really happy if Carvalho joins though.



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