Monday, July 19, 2010

Pedro Leon's Signing Is Just What Was Needed

I'm a little late due to some personal issues but here is the Pedro Leon post that I promised.

Last season whenever we looked at the bench to change the flow of the game, we had an old Raul, two out of these three holding midfielders—Lass, Mahamadou or Gago, a low on confidence Granero, Rafael Van Der Vaart, Guti and Benzema.

Out of these Guti, Benzema and Rafael Van Der Vaart were the players who could change a game while making an appearance from the bench.

Kaka remained injured for long stretches, Benzema got injured too. And to replace the injured Kaka either Guti or Van Der Vaart started the game, which meant further reduction of bench strength, attacking wise. All that we are left with was 2 holding midfielders, an unconfident Granero and Raul (despite the captain having passion, you still can't call him a player who can change the game).

It really doesn't help when the best options on the bench are defensive players as I've never seen a team chasing a game win by bringing on defensive players, and that's why I think Pedro Leon's signing is just what was needed! We now have a player that can turn around games, is two footed, can play on both the flanks & the center, has the passion and the drive to succeed, is also a proven performer in the Spanish league and at the age of 23, he has many years left in him.

Pedro Leon signed with Getafe last season from Valladolid and helped them finish sixth in the league and qualify for the Europa League with 8 goals and 9 assists, and was hands down their best player.

Although it is expected that he will be a bench player, it wouldn't surprise me if Pedro Leon would fight his way in the starting 11 and with the rumors about Kaka requiring surgery, it is quite possible that he might get his opportunity early! Bienvenido Pedro! Hala Madrid!

I really don't dig the music in this video, but it's a good compilation of what Pedro Leon can do:

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