Monday, July 26, 2010

Farewell Raul & Guti, We'll Miss You

Raul & Guti, whenever you hear those two names, only one thing comes in your mind and that is Real Madrid. But now both of them are leaving, one for Schalke 04 in Germany and the other for Besiktas in Turkey.

Never had I imagined in my life that Real Madrid would have to say goodbye to these two in such a way, I always thought both of them would retire at Real Madrid. It's not just 2 players leaving, it's the end of an era.

I never believed any of the media sources completely when they said Raul & Guti will be leaving so I didn't have time to prepare for this, this is all so emotional.

I don't think I need to write about what type of players they are because everyone knows it, this is just a thank you for all the years they gave to Real Madrid, a thank you for all the memories.

I wish Raul & Guti best of luck for the rest of their careers may they win their respective league titles and may Raul score a lot more Champions League goals with Schalke so he can cement his name forever as the top-scorer of the Champions League. Once again Raul & Guti, gracias!


  1. Can barely speak :'/. it took 2 days, just 2 days to see two of the biggest madridistas leaving the club. A day to forget, also to remember.. hoping that someday they comeback and retire in white, the way it should be. GRACIAS GUTI y GRACIAS MI ETERNO CAPITAN RAUL, all your achievements have been like medicine to me, you've done GREAT ever since I can remember, and those numbers that brought so much happiness to those weekends, 7 y 14, I'm missing you already. I'll never forget those days at the Bernabeu going all out celebrating every time you scored.

  2. With Khedira lookin like a lock and the possible arrival of a back up central maybe carvalho i think u should do a post on who should leave...with those 2 the template will be at 25 i think drenthe, diarra since khedira will b there, lass so we can incorporate tebar, van der vaart to free up mns for canales...not buyin a striker after rauls departure is a good thing morata and juanfran i think will get their chances because of that...Let me know what u think and keep up the good work..HALA MADRID

  3. I won't do a post on who I believe should leave, it always ends up with people disagreeing about everything.

    Mahamadou isn't leaving though, he's a brilliant holding midfield player and he is the 3rd Captain of the team (2 Vice-Captain). I want Drenthe on loan, Gago and Lass out, that's about it. Morata seems to be on his way to the first team skipping the Castilla, he is already impressing Jose Mourinho. I don't think Carvalho is coming, so Carvajal can serve as a back-up defender, he is an amazing right back, so we won't need to shift Arbeloa to the right at all.

  4. They'll be surely missed, but as Raul said, this isn't a goodbye it's a see you later, we'll see them both back as manager at the club. :)

  5. I don't see either Gago or Lass heading out...but we'll see...

  6. hasta luego! ;)...

    BTW, Raul is going to have his presentation very very (very very...) soon...I really don't want to see him in other teams' shirt.. :'(



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