Friday, July 23, 2010

Marcos Alonso's Transfer To Bolton Can Be A Good Thing

As the days of the transfer window have rolled on, more and more players from Real Madrid's academy have been linked with a move away from Real Madrid. Rodrigo, Sarabia, Alipio, Marcos Alonso, Opare and Mosquera have all been linked with many clubs.

Out of these Mosquera has already signed with Getafe and Opare has joined Standard Liege and if you believe Marca, Marcos Alonso will follow suite and will sign a 3 year contract (option to repurchase in the 2 & 3 season) with Bolton in a couple of days.

Now Marcos Alonso is one of the pearls of the academy, so I don't read the transfer as "sale" but much more as a "loan" deal, and unlike a certain Mr. Xavi Hernandez, I am correct in reading it as a loan deal because maximum of the players sold with buy-back clauses return to the club. And yes, that "loan" part was a pun at Xavi's comment: "Fabregas is on loan at Arsenal!"

There is always a risk that the managers are not willing to take at Real Madrid (for obvious reasons) in switching a player from Segunda B straight into the first team. So what better way to prep them up for Real Madrid than sending them to the first division clubs in Spain, England, Germany, Italy (none of the players from the academy have joined an Italian club in the last few years) and even Portugal?!

Marcos Alonso was linked with Benfica & Bolton, and I'm glad that Marcos Alonso and Real Madrid have chosen Bolton for him, the reason(s) for me saying that is:
  1. English League is way better than the Portuguese League, no offence.
  2. Marcos Alonso doesn't have a guarantee to start at Benfica but will start for Bolton, which means more playing time which in turn means more experience.
Call me an EPL fan or whatever but I just write what I see, the English League is much more physical than the Spanish League and it isn't only Physical like the Italian League, it is much faster, it is the perfect place for a young defender to get some experience. The EPL plus the guidance of Owen Coyle might just make Marcos Alonso even better.

Although it would have been nice to see Marcos Alonso in the Real Madrid first team this season, but seeing him at Real Madrid next season with much more experience of the first division isn't such a bad bargain. This transfer will be a blow to the Castilla but first team comes first.

What are your views about Marcos's transfer?

Hala Madrid!

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