Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Need Another Striker: Pick Someone From The Academy Mr. Mourinho

I like to remind people how Mata too was from the academy!
I strongly believed Alvaro Negredo should have been bought back to replace Rudd Van Nistelrooy in the winter. Imagine what is going through my mind when the reports of Raul being linked to Schalke 04 are being circulated. And by the look of things, it seems that the captain has set his sights on Germany.

If the news of Raul moving away isn't bad enough, there aren't any strikers linked with Real Madrid to replace him. Of course Marca says, "Real Madrid are interested in signing Mario Gomez" but we all know that's a lie and it's just Marca being typical Marca—corrupt institution interested only in selling their papers.

It has been a very long summer, and never have we once heard about Alvaro Negredo and his buy-back clause, there should have at least been a "rumour" on about it, but no, nothing, it seems that Real Madrid have forgotten about Negredo.

I had stressed about bench strength in the Pedro Leon post, I have a similar argument in bringing back Negredo, we will be left with only 2 strikers (Cristiano Ronaldo features as a winger in Jose Mourinho's plans) if Raul does join Felix Maggath & Cristoph Metzelder at Schalke.

Alvaro Negredo didn't have such a poor season at Sevilla to be forgotten completely, he started 25 games for Sevilla and came off the bench in 10, scored 11 goals and set up 5, those numbers are not shabby at all.

Alvaro Negredo was sold to Sevilla last season because he would have not got many opportunities at Real Madrid, but now the situation is now completely different, Negredo will get as much chances at Real Madrid as he would at Sevilla with Raul moving to Schalke.

And in the new system with wingers that Jose Mourinho wants to play with, Negredo might just be more useful, as he played in a similar system last season (not exactly similar as it was 4-4-2 mostly but the width was provided by wingers) with Sevilla, and linked up pretty well with either of the wingers but notably Jesus Navas.

Plus Alvaro Negredo will bring something different to the team with his strength, I still remember how Negredo manhandled Raul Albiol at the Sanchez Pizjuan and forced an incredible save (best piece of goalkeeping I have ever seen) from Casillas after he passed the ball to Perroti.

Although I strongly believe that Alvaro Negredo should come back, I wouldn't mind if some other striker from the academy is promoted instead.

Now I'm shady on the stats for the strikers but I know that Raul Ruiz and Cristian Lopez are the starting strikers for the Castilla, and also the fact that Cristian was almost always on the score-sheet at the end of the season. Samuel "Samu" Alonso Saiz, is another striker and one of the nomads of the academy and played for Juvenil A at the start of the season, Real Madrid C for some time and then Real Madrid Castilla at the end of the season, and is now permanently a part of the Castilla.

Samuel Alonso Saiz
Samu although short in height is one of the brightest players and definitely the best striker of the Castilla if not the academy, now the reason why I didn't make such a bold claim of the best in the academy is the reason that a Juvenil A striker by the name of Alvaro Morata, who might be promoted to the Castilla this year and is featuring in the recent practice sessions is also one of the stars of the academy.

Javier Acuna who had started the season brilliantly with the Castilla last season could have been one of the candidates to be promoted but he suffered from a horrible ankle injury and lost the last 6 months of the season.

Jose Mourinho has already made clear in his interviews that he is interested in signing only 2 more players, a midfielder most probably Khedira and a defender. The "Special One" knows what he's doing, and will probably choose what's best for the team.

The chances of Negredo coming back are slim, but I do hope he comes back, if not, I'll be more than delighted to see new strikers coming up from the academy. Hala Madrid!


  1. I just hope Rodrigo Moreno get a chance. He's been great. Best striker last season!

  2. I rem that save Casillas made... Fantastic stuff...!!

  3. Rodrigo is a world class talent, but he's actually a winger who can double up behind the striker. And there are rumors that Jose Mourinho has given him the permission to move to Benfica.

  4. From what've read, it said if Raul is gone (which is the case here), then Mourinho will turn to Rodrigo. I have only seen him from highlights, so what do you think of him? His chances in the first team? Can he take on Raul's spot?

  5. AS, Marca and even Defensa Central have all said that if Rodrigo gets an offer, it's his call if he wants to move or not, of course there will be an option of the buy-back clause in his contract if he goes, Bolton were interested in taking him on a loan when they learned he will have a buy-back option in his contract. Benfica are the front runners in signing him, I hate that Di Maria deal, it was a deal made with the devil.

    Rodrigo has been pretty impressive, both Pablo Sarabia and Rodrigo played on the wings for Castilla at the end of the season, if necessary Rodrigo can be a similar replacement to Raul.

  6. Thanks for answering...btw great work blogging! hoping to follow your blog consistently :)

  7. Thanks a lot. Will look forward to your comments in the future, btw love your screen name. Granero is still one of my favorites. :)

  8. Casillas = Greatest Goalkeeper Ever! :)



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