Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Official: Marcos Alonso Completes Bolton Switch

Bolton Wanderes have completed the transfer of one of the stars of the academy and they know it.

Owen Coyle seems to be pretty pleased with himself after completing young Marcos's transfer, Coyle said,"I have said before that when we are investing money in transfers that I want to do it with young, talented players. He isn't the finished article yet - he's a young player making his way - but you don't get through at Real Madrid without having a bit about you."

The confidence that Owen Coyle has in Marcos Alonso means that Marcos Alonso will get a lot of playing time in the first division of English football.

The English media had made quite an issue about Marcos Alonso's transfer by saying that Marcos Alonso didn't feel happy that he was being used as currency for the Angel Di Maria deal, for those who bought that, let me tell you that this is just typical English media bull-s**t.

The reason for me saying that is Real Madrid ALWAYS wanted to send him with a buy-back clause which all of you have been familiar with, and secondly Marcos Alonso is trusted by everyone in the club, and that is the reason why he got his debut last season with the first team, so there is no such case of "Real Madrid using him as currency."

I have already expressed my thoughts about Marcos Alonso's transfer to Bolton, you can read them here. Hala Madrid!


  1. I heard that we have another LB prospect in Nacho...He also practiced with the first team for quite a while, and seems to impress Mourinho, as a result, he was bought with the team to USA. Some good friends of mine told me that he will potentially be better than Marcos...Is the guy that good?!?

  2. I've heard Nacho is a right sided player, and I actually haven't heard much about him and if he was in the Castilla and a left-sided player than he's no better than Marcos Alonso because Marcos Alonso started for the Castilla. And if Nacho is from Juvenil A, our right back Carvajal is much more talented than him, because everyone rates him pretty high and call him the next Sergio Ramos.

  3. But it's good that so many different defenders are coming up from the academy, it is such a delightful change.

  4. Thanks! So many prospects coming you better keep me updated! haha..

  5. Don't worry I will. :)



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