Saturday, July 31, 2010

WTF!: Rodrigo Moreno Signs For Benfica

Rodrigo Moreno: Star of the quarry
Rodrigo Moreno signed with Real Madrid's academy last season from Celta Vigo and had been quite a revelation in Madrid since, being promoted from Real Madrid C to the Castilla in a matter of months.

The 19 year old right sided winger was born in Rio de Janerio but had taken up Spanish nationality. He just featured with the Spanish U-19 team and was their star performer in the recently concluded U-19 European Championship.

According to the Portuguese newspaper's ("A Bola") website, Rodrigo Moreno has been sold by Real Madrid for a mere €6 million, Rodrigo will sign a 5 year contract with Benfica.

If the news of him leaving Real Madrid wasn't bad enough, adding insult to injury is the clause in his contract which will enable Real Madrid to buy him back for €12 million.

Rodrigo will be presented as a Benfica player on Tuesday at Estadio da Luz during the match against Tottenham Hotspur in the Eusebio Cup.

The transfer makes very little sense for Real wait......the clause makes a lot of sense, because after one good season with Benfica Rodrigo's value will shoot up to €25-35 million and Real Madrid will get him back for ONLY €12 million, isn't that just really awesome?!

Source: A Bola


  1. Siddharth KanjilalAugust 1, 2010 at 7:48 PM

    I think this is becoming our club's strategy to test their players before considering them for the first team. Send all the really promising guys out to other top flight teams with the buy back clause, so that if they really manage to impress, get them back for a pre-determined value. If they don't then we dont have to get them back which would have been the case if we loaned them out.

    With our Castilla side playing in the third division at the moment, its better if some of the youngsters are sent to play at a higher level.

  2. Actually I have no problem in playres going on buy-backs, it's just that Rodrigo was doing so well and no other striker is coming, Rodrigo could have had stints with the first team, and this is an unlikable buy-back clause, we usually pay a million or two over what we get paid this one's different, we have to pay TWICE, it's all due to the Angel Di Maria deal, everyone knows it, and that is why I'm pissed.

    Trivia: The last time such clause was inserted it was on Jurado, poor Jurado isn't trusted by anyone, I hope he gets transferred to a different team.



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