Monday, August 2, 2010

Mesut Ozil's Signing Might Make Dani Parejo's Return Improbabale

Mesut Ozil
If reports in AS are to be believed then Mesut Ozil will be the first signing of Real Madrid next season (2011-12), who'll join for free after seeing off the last year in his contract with Werder Bremen.

21 year old Mesut Ozil caught the eye of many big clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal and Chelsea with amazing performances in the World Cup. Although Mesut Ozil can't talk with any teams before January 1, 2011, in Germany it is believed that Real Madrid are the front runners in the signing of Ozil.

Mesut Ozil is a good player and would be a good addition to the club and all but what would happen to the playmaker from the academy who plays with Getafe and just turned 21 in April—Dani Parejo?

Even withouht Mesut Ozil, Real Madrid have 3 playmakers—Kaka, Rafael Van Der Vaart and Sergio Canales, and that makes it really difficult for all of the players to get enough playing time. Lets take for granted that Rafael Van Der Vaart will leave next summer and Mesut Ozil will join, it still doesn't make it any better for Parejo.

Dani Parejo
Dani Parejo's immensly taleneted and it isn't every day that Alfredo Di Stefano calls some Canterano his favorite, last season should not be used to judge Parejo's quality as Parejo was mostly travelling with Spain U-21 and missed a lot of games for Getafe. Despite being away so much Dani Parejo started 16 games and made cameos in 12, scored 6 and assisted 4.

Dani Parejo has been impressive in Getafe's pre-season so far and will be much more regular with Getafe this season. With Getafe qualifying for Europa League last season, it will be a good platform for Dani Parejo to prove his quality, and I'm pretty sure Dani Parejo will be up for the challenge.

It's not that I don't like Mesut Ozil or I doubt his quality, it's just that I would love to see more Canteranos being given the chance, Real Madrid produce a LOT of talent, and it would be nice to see them in action FOR Real Madrid not AGAINST them. I would like to see Dani Parejo come back rather than Mesut Ozil signing for the club. Hala Madrid!

Note: I hope you like the Opinion+News Update post. I find it rather un-interesting to just write a news piece, would definitely love the feedback.


  1. I think the coming football year would decide that.. If Parejo performs for Getafe then it'll make more sense... But a free Ozil transfer at 22yrs old is really hard for any club to resist..!! Kinda sitting on the fence on this once.. Love our Cantera to feature but when something this good comes along for free...

  2. Think exactly the same thing as you, so i decided not to believe AS, those reports kinda bother me. as well as reports that we are lookin at strikers like Amauri and whoever else marca was sayin when we should be lookin at our academy for a third striker, its a shame that they always have reports about players that are close to joinin madrid but never articles about breaktrough academy players that should be knockin at the door of the first team....i think a good point Also beside the come back of parejo is that i dont think Oezil's signing is good for the development of canales,

  3. Yeah well the free part is tempting, but on the other hand it's Parejo, it'd be better if we bring players according to our need, Parejo's much more flexible and can play deeper than Ozil. Like you said we'll have to wait for the season then.

    PS: If you don't know already, La Liga is back in India on Ten Sports. :)

  4. AS is better than Marca, AS is much more accurate, so I have noticed. Marca is disgusting, they are the ones throwing around Amauri, Mario Gomez, Fernando Llorente and Almeida's names around, never have they said anything about Negredo, Morata or one from the academy. AS on the other hand covers the academy more often.

  5. It would be necessary to have Cantaranos get first team action and decent minutes too. We have lost two youngsters already and the way things are going we might end up losing more. Although its good to see five youngsters travel with the team to LA.

  6. They just took 5 random players, they are good but they forgot Pablo Sarabia because he was on a holiday at the start of the season, Aitor Karanka assured he will get his time though. I don't have high hopes of seeing Canteranos in the first team any time soon.

    I have another post waiting on a socio who wants to bring back the days of Alfredo Di Stefano.

  7. The players that have gone are good too, but Carvajal and Sarabia were blatantly ignored. Carvajal is the next Sergio Ramos, so it is said. And everyone knows about the talent of Pablo Sarabia, I'm glad Alvaro Morata got recognized though.

  8. I doubt they'll get a run-in in the Copa del Ray, remember how Marca jumped on Pellegrini after the defeat to Alcorcon.



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