Sunday, August 15, 2010

Official: Girona Sign Marcos Tebar: Tebar Is Cheaper Than An iPhone

Marcos Tebar
Real Madrid have let the 24 year old central midfielder—Marcos Tebar join Girona in Liga Adelante for a free.

But because of the rules of the Spanish FA, Girona had to pay a nominal fee to Real Madrid, which is a mere €100.

Yes, you read that right, it is just €100 and No, I didn't miss a k or kilos or 3 zeros. Yeah, just a hundred.

According to Girona's official website they are very happy to have him back (Tebar was on loan to Girona last season) because he is very much a part of their plans.

I want to thank him for his 12 seasons he gave to the club and wish him the best of luck, may he guide Girona to a promotion in the Primera division! Hala Madrid!

Source: Girona FC Official Website (Spanish)


  1. in their new edittion's front page Marca talkin of "acuerdo total" for Ozil arrghhh, im guessin we will never see parejo in a blanco uniform, no mosquera, alex fernadez will never get his chance neither will sarabia, cuz valdano and florentino stacked the team up in the midfield with young midfielders witout thinkin of the canteranos, im pretty pissed riightttt nowwww i feel like breakin some thing !@#$

  2. I share your sentiments mate, this is just fucking ridiculous, Mesut Ozil is not a necessity right now, he's a great player, but we can make our Canteranos even better if we give them chances. I can't wait for the next elections, so that Euginio Martinez can take over, Perez is a clown, so is Valdano and so is Jose Mourinho!



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