Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yellow Legal Pad: Ricardo Carvalho

If you have seen How I Met Your Mother's every single episode, you will be familiar with the yellow legal pad that Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) uses to make a list of pros and cons, so as a tribute to one of my favorite TV shows ever, I have decided to call all my pro and con list posts (from now on) as the "Yellow Legal Pad." I hope you guys like the idea for the name of the post.

 Real Madrid finalized Ricardo Carvalho's deal two days ago, Carvalho is due his medical with Real Madrid, and after a medical Ricardo will hold a press-conference at 13:00 CET. Ricardo Carvalho has been around for a long time and everyone knows what he can do, but still lets look at what he brings to the team.

  • Ricardo Carvalho has played more than 10 years at the top level in England and Portugal, and such an experienced player would be a welcome addition to the young defense of Real Madrid, Ricardo can provide excellent guidance to the defenders.
  • Ricardo Carvalho has already played with Pepe in Portugal and has worked with Jose Mourinho at Porto and Chelsea.
  • He signed for just €8 million, which is acceptable for one of the best central defenders in the English Premier League.
  • €25 million won't be spent on Thiago Silva.
  • What he lacks in strength he can more than make up with hard tackles, love the way he wins the ball.
  • Carvalho's 32 years old and seems like a temporary fix as he's only been given a 2 year contract.
  • Last two seasons of Ricardo Carvalho have been plagued with injuries and played only 33 league games of the 76 in those two seasons.
  • Not quite sure of it, but it is likely that Raul Albiol will lose his place in the starting eleven.
With all that being said, I believe that Ricardo Carvalho's signing is a very good one, looking at all the aspects of the deal, his deal was the better than  those who were linked with the Real Madrid and the best thing about the transfer is that ridiculous money wasn't spent. It's great to have Ricardo Carvalho at Real Madrid! Hala Madrid!


  1. Siddharth KanjilalAugust 12, 2010 at 4:05 PM

    If Riccy was a girl you could have done that Hot-Crazy graph instead ;). Also, I think Pepe joined Porto just after Riccy left. They've ofcourse played together for Portugal. Regarding the age I think for a defender the ripe period is between 27-35. Experience is vital for center backs which is what he'll bring.

  2. lol, yeah, I might have. Will look up the "Bro-Code" for more ideas. ;)

    Thanks for pointing that out, Pepe indeed came after Ricardo Carvalho left. Have made the edits thanks.

  3. Brilliant idea for the name, was thinking of doing the same ;)

    I think him being 32 is a positive as well as it will not stand in the way of canterano players.

  4. Thanks, you should do use the yellow legal pad too. :)

    Well the reason why I didn't make it a pro is because I'm not really sure there are any convincing center-backs in the Cantera, at least not in the Castilla, not too sure about the lower levels—Juvenil A and below, the academy is full of good full-backs though.

  5. Yeaa Carvalho will be good for Garays development, the only center back in the cantera that i've heard is promising is derek osede and i think he's in the juvenile now, What do u think about this new link to ozil? i dont think thatts a good signing, thats overloading the midfield and having a bunch of young, talented hungry for mns players on the bench if Mou really wants a signing for a third forward and doesnt believe in joselu and morata then we should sign back negredo present it to him as a challenge if he knocks benzema down the peckin order it almost certainly guarantees regular spain NT call ups

  6. Derik Osede's a holding midfielder. I don't like the rumors about Mesut Ozil starting again, next season, if Kaka is offloaded, then it's okay.

    Also, it's just Marca at the moment, they won't get their lunch down the system if they don't write nonsense, they are stating the reason for going after Ozil as Kaka's lay-off, which seems off because Jose Mourinho has already said that he already has Canales and Van der Vaart.

    Yup, that's what I've been saying, if we need the 3 striker, then it should be Negredo if it's not Samu, Joselu or Morata.

  7. Siddharth KanjilalAugust 12, 2010 at 8:28 PM

    I will be so happy if we get Negredo back.

  8. Well, Albiol should still start since Pepe's injured currently. Long-term, I don't know, but I agree otherwise

  9. Well it's just 3 weeks that Pepe is out, probably won't miss more than 2 Liga games. I feel Albiol is a little wrongly done, he should get a chance to prove himself.



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