Friday, August 20, 2010

UEFA Homegrown Player Rule: Real Madrid Don't Have A Thing To Worry About

There is certainly some confusion on the Internet about the "homegrown" rule or the "Protection of young players" rule that UEFA have implied from this season onwards, I too got a few questions because of the last post about how the homegrown quota would be fulfilled if Granero is sold.

I knew a little about this rule, had the idea that Marcelo and Higuain would be considered as homegrown players, but there was more to it so I did a little research and found out that Real Madrid are more than covered in the homegrown department.

This is how UEFA defined homegrown players on their website:
UEFA defines locally-trained or 'homegrown' players as those who, regardless of their nationality, have been trained by their club or by another club in the same national association for at least three years between the age of 15 and 21. Up to half of the locally-trained players must be from the club itself, with the others being either from the club itself or from other clubs in the same association. The UEFA rule contains no nationality conditions whatsoever.
According to this definition, these players can be called homegrown players: Iker Casillas (GK), Sergio Ramos (DF), Esteban Granero (MF), Marcelo (MF) , Antonio Adan (GK), Xabi Alonso (MF), Sergio Canales (MF), Alvaro Arbeloa (DF), Raul Albiol (DF), Ezequiel Garay (DF)*, Gonzalo Higuain (FW), and Pedro Leon (MF).

*I am not too sure about Garay, but he did complete 3 seasons with Racing Santander before he turned 21, so he can be considered homegrown.

 The ones in bold font have completed 3 seasons between the age of 15-21 in the Liga BBVA with different teams, but will be classified as homegrown players because of the condition stated above. The rest of them have completed 3 seasons with Real Madrid between the age of 15-21.

UEFA have set a limit of 25 players to be used in the European competitions, and out of these 25, eight of the players have to be homegrown. Real Madrid currently have 12, out of which 7 are trained by Real Madrid, thus also fulfilling the criteria that 50% of the homegrown players should be trained by the club they represent.

A few of the players are going to be sold, and if Real Madrid fall short in the homegrown department  which is highly unlikely, they can name a few players of the academy in the list of 25, as there is no rule that obliges the club to play a certain number of homegrown players on the field.

So there you have it, Real Madrid are well covered in the homegrown department, I hope this clears the confusion created by the rule. Hala Madrid!

If you want to read more about the rule, visit UEFA's Official Web-Site.


  1. Interesting article. Thanks! Are you sure about Garay and Marcelo though?

  2. Positive about Marcelo, not so much about Garay.

  3. Following your Ozil post where you put Granero out of Bernabeu, Valdano had already made it clear that no Spanish players would be offloaded so in any case they are covered and sure of the home grown rule situation. The only concern for me is about our academy players not getting the opportunity for first team action.

  4. i have the same concern as you but mourinho looks like he will be payin attention to the academy more than any coach at real since del bosque Juanfran has been a mainstay in every mourinho list even tho theres no winger injured, and he has publicly declared that he likes david mateos

  5. I just stated the possibility that Granero would be sold, because Sevilla were linked with him and AS & Marca were running with the news that Granero will be sold, I am happy that Valdano said Granero won't be sold.

    The academy will have a typical season, they'll be called to train and sit on the bench but only a few minutes will be given to them on the field, if this was Pellegrini's second season, we could have seen someone from the academy even starting a game.

    Jose's fulfilled every position and has a first team back up for it too, and only Joselu & Morata look the most likely to get a few minutes. Jorge Valdano says use the academy, but Jose is adamant to buy a striker, so I'll wait for the transfer window to be over before I talk about Joselu and Morata's chances.

  6. I just watched a clip from jose's interview with skysports and theres also an article on marca and AS about valdano they are makin it quite clear that no centre forward will be coming,,theres like 7 days left so i think the work will be on the exits...Juanfran will probably have mns, he's look good in the mns he had and mourinho always has him in training and on squad list so far, mateos might have his chance too with mou declaring he likes him in an interview...since even before he was officially real's trainer Mou had said on his interview with AS that he wants to discover a canterano and make him a star Pellegrini him had said that the academy was not his inter he discovered santon for example...with mourinho i have more hope for the academy

  7. I hope you are right and Mourinho does make someone from the academy a star. And the striker situation seems to favor the academy right now, no new signings!



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