Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mesut Ozil's Signing Opens The Exit Door & Shortens Opportunities

Mesut Ozil—Nuevo jugador.
Real Madrid agreed a deal worth €15 million for one of the brightest attacking midfielders in the world. No doubt Ozil for €15 million is a smart bit of business, but looking at the team and the circumstances it's €15 million too much.

I have been torn in the middle ever snice I came to know about that the signing of Mesut Ozil became official, part of me wants to celebrate at the fact that Real Madrid have signed a great player who is just 21 and has a great future in front of him.

But the part of me that is winning and trumping every argument is the one that says Ozil wasn't a neccessary signing for this season. I believe this one is the rational part of me, which knows that there are already three playmakers in the team and there was no requirement of a fourth one despite Kaka being injured for 4 months.

Rafael Van Der Vaart
But now as the number of midfielders at Real Madrid has increased to a ridiculous number and the squad size has become greater than 25, it is obvious that some of the midfielder will be shown the door to make funds and reduce the squad number, and because of another play-maker coming it is only a matter of days that Rafael Van der Vaart will be shown the door.

I feel that it is unfair that Van der Vaart is the one that will be the one sold despite him being so passionate about the club and giving one solid performance after the other last season.

Van Der Vaart's quality isn't hidden from anyone, and it won't be a surprise that he would succeed with whichever club he signs, and the Real Madrid management will be seen with an egg on their face.

If selling Van der Vaart isn't a bad enough thought, the management have overlooked the fact that no one will be willing to pay €20 million or more as speculated at the start of the summer as everyone knows that Real Madrid are in a need to sell him after they inflated their squad with Mesut Ozil's signing. I expect €5-10 million less from the sale of Van der Vaart now, Real Madrid are no longer in a commanding position.

El Pirata
The other one that looks on his way out of Real Madrid is Esteban Granero, after a good start to last season, El Pirata faded away, and Jose Mourinho does not look interested in keeping the Canterano, Sevilla were reportedly interested in reuniting him with Alvaro Negredo, expect Granero to leave for €5-8 million.

And that is not the complete impact of the Mesut Ozil signing, the current young attacking midfielders in the academy (Alex Fernandez & Javi Hernandez), Dani Parejo and Sergio Canales, they will all see their opportunities of making it at Real Madrid cut viciously short.

Sergio Canales
Mesut Ozil's just 21, and the canteranos are just a few years younger than Mesut. Sergio Canales is 19, there is just no age difference between the two attacking midfielders, so it is obvious that Sergio Canales will see his chances cut short, and that is one thing no Real Madrid fan would like.

Sergio Canales has won many fans over with his performances last season and in the pre-season. It would be disappointing to see Sergio Canales on the bench, this will surely hamper his growth as a player.

The Canteranos don't even get their chances with older players at the team, it will make it even more impossible for them to break in the first team with a younger player in the team.

Real Madrid could have got Mesut Ozil for free next season but economically Mesut Ozil's signing is still a wonderful one. Mesut Ozil is one of my favorites but it's the effects like the possible exit of Van der Vaart & Granero, the reduction of the chances for the canteranos and Sergio Canales which reduce the sweetness of this transfer.

What do you think of the transfer?

Hala Madrid!


  1. I think it's a disgrace

  2. Albiol will be out for and estimated one month accordin to MARCA with garay albiol and pepe set to miss the league's opener lets hope to see juanan at this point any canterano getting mn will satisfy me lol..on Defensa Central they praised Di Maria ( i did not watch the game so im relyin on reviews) so thats a good news i was thinkin, as u said ridicilous amount of midfielders we can really "only" put 5 at a time with three offensive one in the much used so far 4-2-3-1,,so now we ronaldo,kaka,VDV,Pirata,canales, Leon, dimaria,ozil as the "offensive midfielders" (wingers, central not differenciated for our point there) Thats 8 players for 3 position now how do u manage to feed 8 mouths with three spoons our canteranos ain't eating not even invited to this dinner party SMH

  3. WHAT Albiol is out too??!?!!!?!! Juanan won't get a run in, Ramos will partner Carvalho and Arbeloa and Marcelo will be the full backs.

    Mourinho has to sort out the mess that he is creating in the midfield!

  4. yup albiol is out..so yea i have slept on it and now im done moaning about ozils signing, he's a real madrid player, i know he's quality so i have to support him in benifiting the team...bias aside based on performance granero is the one who should leaving eve tho as a canterano one season is not enough to prove his worth but VDV as outperformed him and in the best interest of the team granero and kaka too actually

  5. Sadly Granero has been played out of position, but yeah, he is the one who has to go, he didn't perform well.

    "The most important thing for Van der Vaart tonight was to do things well and to show his coach he is ready to play for this team. Rafael did well and he has the Club's and my respect for everything he did last year. It isn't a problem to have Rafael and Ozil on the pitch at the same time. They could offer solutions to the team together."

    This is from Jose's interview, this means he wants to keep VdV, but he has lied about signing Ozil and Carvalho, maybe he is lying about keeping VdV?!

  6. mmm...but then who's going to make up the fourth cantera/home-club grown player spot for CL? Unless they're looking to trim down then bring a canterano(s) up from Castilla?
    Because currently it's Casillas, Arbeloa, Adan & Granero, right? TSO also said that anyone not prepared to fight for their place on the team/ XI doesn't really belong...VdV has shown his fighting spirit.

  7. Higuain and Marcelo also fall under the rule, because it states the players who have been here 3 seasons at the club (the English Premier League says it's 3 years before 21 in the country) before the age of 21, which means Gonzalo Higuain and Marcelo also fall under the "home-grown" status. If they are really falling short, someone else from the academy can easily be named in the 25 man squad for the Champions League after the sales.

  8. Oh, really? cheers for clearing that up XD So that's five including Pipita and Marcelo...damn...then Granero's place is looking really rocky. This really doesn't look good for current/future canteranos hoping to make it in the first team.

  9. UEFA uses the rule very loosely, I did some research and many of our players fall under that category of homegrown players, firstly 8 players out of the 25 should be homegrown, and they need not be at Real Madrid before that, just someone who was in the league for 3 years till the age of 2, so we have: Iker, Sergio Ramos, Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Canales, Pedro Leon, Raul Albiol, Gonzalo Higuain, Marcelo, Adan, Granero. We are more than covered. :)

  10. Great for RM, bad for Granero. :( Sucks that someone has to get the knife, even more so if it's VdV or Granero (neutral on Drenthe et al.). But i guess that's the world of football and RM in particular.

  11. I have given up hope that Granero will stay, I wish he stays. :( There's a possibility that VdV will be sent on loan to Wolfsburg, if that happens, then it's alright.



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