Thursday, August 5, 2010

Club America- Real Madrid: 2-3: The Era Of Jose Mourinho Is Here

Sergio Canales is a crack!

Squad Number Changes:
  • Cristiano Ronaldo # 7.
  • Karim Benzema # 9.
  • Esteban Granero # 11.
  • Sergio Canales # 16.
  • Angel Di Maria # 22
  • Pedro Leon # 21
  • Xabi Alonso # 14.
  • Antonio Adan # 13 wore the # 13 shirt, didn't see what Dudek wore so might be they shared the number for this game.
  • Jerzy Dudek #25 [Edit: Thanks to DyDy]
First half squad: 4-3-3 / 4-5-1
Dudek (GK), Juanfran (RB), Garay (CB), Pepe (CB), Marcelo (C) (LB), Lassana Diarra (CM), Gago (CM), Sergio Canales (AM), Cristiano Ronaldo (RM), Pedro Leon (LM), Benzema (ST)

Second half squad: 4-3-3 / 4-5-1
Adan (GK), Nacho (RB)—Morata (Sub: 84'), Garay (CB), Pepe (CB), Drenthe (LB), Lassana Diarra—Tebar (Sub: 69') (CM), Mahamadou Diarra (C) (CM), Granero (AM), Cristiano Ronaldo—Alex Fernandez (Sub: 84') (RM), Angel Di Maria (LM), Higuain (ST)

  • Sergio Canales: 34': Great link-up between Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema sees Benzema in the box, who slides the ball right for Sergio Canales to score. 0-1
  • Gonzalo Higuain: 63': Brilliantly wighted pass from Cristiano Ronaldo frees Gonzalo Higuain who doesn't fail to score. 2-2
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: 80': After having a brilliant game, Cristiano Ronaldo signs off with his characteristic free-kick.


Post-match Interviews:

Jose Mourinho: "Real and I have similar winning DNA"
Sergio Canales: "I am never going to forget my debut"


I was hoping to do a better post than this, even tried watching the game, watched it but was distracted by my family members, power cut saw me lose 20 minutes at the start of the game. But I did manage to see all the goals live and let me tell you the goals that Real Madrid conceded were not good, poor defending, I was disappointed. Mourinho will definetly be furious over that.

The attack was brilliant as usual, don't understand why Karim Benzema drifts wide all the time when he is supposed to be the lone man up-front, he was almost always on the left wing, his link-up play was brilliant though. Sergio Canales was magnificent, I love him, defenitely a steal at just €4.5 million (+ €1 million for bringing him one season earlier).

Between the two new wingers, I liked Pedro Leon better, Angel Di Maria can do better, or I hope so.

Cristiano was just plain awesome, I don't know why people say he can't pass, because boy can he pass! They'd make more sense by saying he doesn't want to pass.

The most delightful thing was the contribution of the canteranos in the game, I was most impressed with Juanfran, an attacking winger who looked right at home in defense, Marcelo should take notes. Nacho who replaced Juanfran in the second half looked comfortable too. Tebar, Morata, Alex Fernandez all got a run in, I wanted to see more of them, but it's a start all right.

I'll be catching the LA Galaxy game and will do a proper review for that! Hala Madrid!


  1. good job on the post! Dudek wore number 25, benzema drifts wide i think to be more involved in the game, theres some periods of the game were the service to the middle doesnt come as often, canales was great and ronaldo like u said was plain awesome good display for a first pre season game and without our world champions anyways keep up the good work and HAla Madrid

  2. I missed the game... :(

    Any torrent downloads?

  3. Thanks man, edited the post too.

    I don't like Benzema drifting wide now, we have 2 wingers now, there's no need for him to do that. he should be in the center, waiting for crosses and trying to get into good positions, the supply from the midfield was decent enough.

  4. Awww bummer. :(

    Sorry man, never have I downloaded a full game, never knew I could find the latest ones, all I have downloaded is the Real Madrid-Manchester United game at the Bernabeu which we won 3-1, classic game, I love it.

    Try though, they have lots of videos.

  5. I just hope Di Maria can do better. Don't want to see the money we spent on him go to waste. And as you said, Cristiano was plain awesome, hope he continues.

  6. The only reason why I want Di Maria to succeed is that I don't want to see our money go to waste, I never wanted to see him, he had not done anything exceptional, I would have like to see Juan Mata or David Silva.

  7. Same here. The money they paid for him is ridiculous. How stupid are they for having sold Mata?

  8. They didn't sell Mata, he left on a free transfer. Ah well, that's what we get for screwing over our Canteranos, we go out and we sign an Argentine winger who came in the limelight only last season.

  9. I knew it!

    Five canteranos and you're the happiest person in the world. I like Juanfran. Damn, he's hot...talented.

  10. :D

    5 new canteranos in a single match, when did you last get to see such a wonderful sight? I think you'll find Morata hot....talented too.

    What about Canales, I'm officially calling him a canterano now! :)



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