Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kaka Should Have To Earn His Place In The Squad After His Surgery

Does he deserve to wear this kit?
After reading thoughts of Corey on Real Madrid Offside and the comments there on the issue of Kaka's surgery and all, I felt inspired to do a post of my own.

Kaka came to Real Madrid last summer as the favorite signing of all Madridistas, many people liked him better than Cristiano Ronaldo, one of them being me.

Only in one season at Real Madrid, Kaka's popularity between the Madridistas has dropped dramatically. Over the last season Kaka didn't show the form that is expected from a player worth €65 million, stayed injured for long stretches in the season and showed he cares more about AC Milan than he does for Real Madrid.

And Kaka did nothing to help his case as he went to play the World Cup for Brazil ignoring his injury which could have ended his career.

Because of his 3-4 month lay-off due to the recent surgery many fans want Kaka to be sold and want as much money that can be recuperated. Can't say I blame them, who would like to see a player collecting a big-fat pay-check who shows no responsibility towards the club and has no passion for the club they he plays for?!

I don't doubt Kaka's quality, no one does, everyone knows deep inside that IF he fully recovers from all of his injuries (left knee's meniscus injury which he underwent surgery for, sports hernia, and the pubic injury) , he can be really important for the team.

I want Kaka to stay because class never dies and also the fact that no team would pay close to what Real Madrid spent on him and they would take a heavy loss financially if he is sold.

The lay-off of Kaka isn't worrying me because I am pretty confident that both Van Der Vaart and Canales can do a dandy job playing as a playmaker and they won't make us miss "the Kaka that plays for Real Madrid." What is worrying me is the policy that Real Madrid applies for star players like Kaka, the players filling in for the star are always relegated to the bench despite doing a good job.

I want to see Rafael Van der Vaart and Sergio Canales being given a fair chance to start for the team even after Kaka returns fully fit from injury, Kaka should have to fight for his place just like Gonzalo Higuain did at ths start of the last season, no more star status, it should all be on merit.

The reason why I say this is because Kaka has lost the respect he got from the Madridistas and if he starts for Real Madrid due to his star-power, they won't like him even further and more and more fans would start asking for his sale.

Kaka needs to change on and off the field, he needs to show the same passion for Real Madrid like he had for AC Milan and start performing like he did for them because the Madridistas have made it clear, "If you don't have passion for the club, you don't belong in the club!" Hala Madrid!


  1. Siddharth KanjilalAugust 7, 2010 at 1:47 AM

    One of the things I am looking forward to under Jose Mourinho is the fact that players get into the side on merit. If Canales and VDV are able to do a good job, I am sure Jose will not give in to the pressure of the board or anyone, just to accomodate Kaka.

    Kaka was poor last season, by his own high standards, and that was expected by us. But like you said, talent does not die, and I am sure it was just a case of player needing more than his first season to find his form.

    One of the best players in the world, still.

  2. hey am a fan of madrid and really watever u wrote abt kaka aint really right and please don't hate on him if u don't really like him.. cause u should know if the fans don't like himw we won't want him,, and u are the first am hearing that would want him to be sold... u should know that to become a star u must have fought for a place in the star arena, and he or who ever the star is deserves it and if who ever u like wants to deserve it they should prove it by playing far better than the current star in which no one can actually at the moment u knw.. don't forget even in his worse form he carried the team alone with out ronaldo for like a month, tell me how many players would do that???? and he went to play for his country!!!!!! are u telling me he should have sat down and not play for his country when he can pull through with the injury?????/?? dem men u are so not the guy am feeling now........and abt him not liking madrid i'll tell u the truth other club's offered kaka much more money as and more than we did, but he came to us,.. so don't tell me he's gat no passion for us..... please mind wat u post about madrid players cause they all want a cup just as you do....

  3. I hope not, because it'll be really unfair to the two—VdV and Canales.

    I agree Kaka will take time to adjust, and his injuries didn't help in adjusting, I'm hoping he can succeed.

  4. Donmacaro, the link I posted of the Real Madrid Offisde, they all want him out, the Spsnish Madridistas I talk to want him out, I'm just making people come to terms with the reality, about what many fans want. As a blogger, I have to talk to many different fans, this isn't my made up stuff, people do ACTUALLY say Kaka should be sold. And you should read my post again, I said Kaka should stay, because he WAS and STILL is one of the best.

    And Kaka didn't carry no one, it was a team effort and the credit should go to Gonzalo Higuain.

    Yes, he shouldn't have gone to the World Cup when he knew he could have ended his career if the injury got worse, that is just plain stupid, if he ended up ending his career with an injury in the World Cup, he couldn't have no longer played for his country or club, tell me what sense does it make to risk it all? The best he could have done was to sit it out get the surgery so he is recovering in the holidays and is missing less number of months in the season for Real Madrid.

    And once again, I don't want him sold, MANY others do.



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